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Our Eco Warriors
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Our Eco Warriors

We are extremely proud to hold the coveted ‘Eco Schools Green Flag’ status and were the first school in the borough to do so.

Our pupils are passionate about the environment, as shown by the hotly contested elections to the Eco Committee, which happen each year. One pupil from each class is chosen to attend fortnightly meetings to discuss initiatives and progress. The agenda for these meetings is set by the children themselves and visitors, such as parents, lunch time supervisors and our premises manager, Mr Les, are often invited to join in and offer expertise.

Each year, the committee carry out an environmental review to evaluate the school’s strengths and weaknesses then create an action plan with targets for the upcoming year. These involve the whole school community and can range from encouraging global citizenship to supporting biodiversity in the school grounds.

Below are some of the many projects the committee have worked on:

  • Planting flowers to support bees and other pollinators
  • Growing vegetables for the school kitchen
  • Building a bottle-brick bench out of recycled materials for our Wild Area
  • Taking part in initiatives such as Switch off Fortnight to reduce energy waste
  • Entering competitions with other schools such as Kensington Park Nature Challenge and Go Global Challenge
  • Donating unused technology to charity
  • Encouraging biodiversity in our school grounds by building a school pond
  • Taking part in a beach clean to remove litter and microplastics
  • Setting up an eco shop to encourage parents to make sustainable switches at home

To find out more about the Green Flag award please visit the Eco Schools website.