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Our Friends of Chepstow

FRIENDS OF CHEPSTOW HOUSE is Chepstow House School’s parent teacher association which serves as the bridge between the teaching staff and parents as well as our chosen charities and local community. They organise and run events throughout the year for both children and adults. These include seasonal celebrations as well as a variety of fundraising galas, activities, and second hand sales to support our selected charities.

FCH is made up of an executive committee and class reps who play an integral part in fostering a strong and happy parent community. Reps serve as the link between teacher and parent and host social events including regular coffee mornings and cocktail evenings.

The overall ethos of the FCH is to welcome and encourage as many parents as possible to participate, in large or small ways, with the many fun activities and events hosted throughout the year.

For the academic year 2023/2024, the members of the Friends of Chepstow House Executive Committee are:

Co-chairs : Tara Curtis-Fields and Tara Sullivan

Treasurer: Evgenia Bukhantsova

Secretary: Veronica Stewart