Our Fundamental British Values
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Our Fundamental British Values

At Chepstow House we are committed to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each child. Our ethos promotes this development each and every day. The school’s Mental Wellbeing Lead works with the whole school community to allow children to develop as individuals by exploring and promoting fundamental British values. We are proud to celebrate a community that respects the opinions of all, knows right from wrong and is knowledgeable about the world around us.


  • School Council selected termly by classes
  • Travel Ambassadors
  • Debates during class and after school clubs
  • Pupil, parent and staff questionnaires.
  • Trips to various educational venues such as The Royal Courts of Justice.

Individual Liberty

  • Bullying awareness, with anti-bullying assemblies and classes
  • E-safety lessons
  • PSHE lessons and assemblies
  • Individual right to an opinion and the right to make personal choices, regarding work and school life
  • Learning tasks that are challenging, require cooperation and scholastic endeavour
  • Congratulating and being proud of peers
  • Hold the belief that you can be successful
  • Residential trips (year 3+) and days trips around London (reception+)
  • Individual fundraising for charity.

The Rule of Law

  • School behaviour policy, with weekly badges to celebrate
    Class Rules
  • Rewards including Golden Time
  • Learning about the rules and cultures of different faiths
  • Community visitors, such as the police and London Ambulance Service
  • Visits to establishments, such as the Tower of London

Mutual Respect & Tolerance

  • Supporting local charities such as the Harvest appeal, Poppy collection, Rugby Portobello Trust Shoe Box appeal
  • Annually fundraising for local charities such as the More Smiles Appeal, Real Action, Breaking Barriers, Save the Children, the Harrow Club
  • Supporting international charity Stand By Me (Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia)
  • Encourage everyone to have good manners and behaviour, care for one another, be responsible, hardworking and helpful
  • PSHE lessons on well-being, relationships and core values.
  • Learning about different faiths, including parent talks
  • Visits to different places of worship
  • Actively promoting and sharing religious values
  • High regard for all.

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