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Our Clubs

Advance Art Club (Selected Members Only)

Weekly after school arts and craft club run by the art department and open for year 5 and 6. The children will work on projects that will develop and extend their understanding of different artistic materials and processes such as drawing, painting, textiles, sculpture, photography, print making and advanced model making media. Art club is a wonderful way for children to express themselves and their ideas creatively, working on extended individual projects, inspired by their interests, talented artists, and their imagination.

Archaeology club (years 3 - 6)

Archaeology club will teach students some of the basics of archaeology, from how to illustrate small finds to recreating ancient pots. Through this we can learn about the ancient past in a fun, creative and hands on way – just like real archaeologists!

Blueshift Artificial Intelligence (years 3 - 6)

Harness the power of this generation’s most important advancement in coding technology! AI will be a part of all of our lives and this club gives your child a chance to be ahead of the curve. We’ll learn how AI affects everything from Photoshop to Spotify. We’ll ask important questions like can AI write the 11+ exam, win at Roblox or create a deep fake Taylor Swift video. We’ll also learn how AI and machine learning work so that students can recreate real world tools and become their own AI developers. Next stop… Apple? All BlueShift students can access our full curriculum online. View: for more details.

Blueshift Lego Robotics (years 1 - 2) & (years 3 - 6)

Hands on coding- build the future! In this club, students will build drawing tools, musical instruments, miniature structures, and more! They will learn to design, engineer, build, and test their own imaginative solutions to real world problems and gain valuable creative coding skills along the way. Full, week by week overview of our curriculum:

Blueshift Minecraft (years 3 - 6)

Learn to code through one of the world’s most popular games! Students will learn and practise key coding concepts through building, modifying, and completing unique challenges. Using Minecraft: Education Edition, students can learn and practise coding in Code Blocks, Python, or JavaScript while learning valuable problem solving and critical thinking skills. All BlueShift students can access our full curriculum online. View: for more details.

Blueshift Mini Coders (years 1 - 2)

Coding made fun! In this after school club, students will be introduced to the world of coding, robotics, and digital skills in a fun and engaging way. Skills learned through our Minis clubs include: algorithms, block-based coding, design, engineering, and more! Full, week by week overview of our curriculum:

Chess (years 1 – 6)

Chess develops several important skills in its students, such as pattern recognition and memory, decision making, analytical ability, imagination and self-discipline, all of which can naturally help children in the academic arena. Led by coach Tony Niccoli, the children work on developing their chess skills and have the opportunity to take part in chess competitions.

Choir (years 1 – 6)

Choir is for all children who love singing in a group and performing in front of an audience. We will develop our voices through fun activities and learn songs from folk music to classical, and musicals to pop. Not only will choir develop your singing voice, but it will improve your memory skills as we learn lyrics off-by-heart. It will also develop your confidence as a performer and encourage community spirit. As we add harmony your aural skills will also be refined.

Cookery Club (years 1 – 2) (years 3 - 4)

Cookery club is an excellent way to teach basic life skills to younger children to help them learn to cook and see that proud smile on their faces when they have created a wonderful meal or dessert. It is a fantastic way to learn a variety of new culinary skills and easy recipes to make from home. These short and sweet classes are perfect to get creative and hands messy whilst gaining an understanding of measurement, time and combined flavours!

Craft Club (years 3 - 6)

Craft club will introduce students to some basic craft techniques, just as crocheting, knitting and cross stitch. After students have spent time learning and completing small projects we aim to create a ‘final piece’ made from the craft techniques we have learnt. The aim of craft club is for a space for students to learn crafts, explore their creativity and a space to relax for personal wellbeing after school.


Creative Art Club (years 1 – 2) (years 3 - 4)

The Creative art club is more than just arts! This educational method involves problem-solving strategies, growth mindset techniques and environmental awareness through unique art projects such as Land Art, Light painting, Recycled projects and art installations. Don’t miss out the Exhibition Day at the end of each term when the two art teachers will display the children’s artwork and their creative process in a short movie

Cypher - Typing Clubs (years 3 - 6)

Using a consistent approach the children will work on differentiated touch typing lessons to increase their typing accuracy and speed. This club is fantastic for children to develop an important skill for their future, especially those heading into online assessments!

Cypher – Gaming Club (years 3 - 6)

Discover the world of gaming in a safe and educational way, from Minecraft to Roblox and beyond. A must do club for those who love gaming.

Cypher – Beginners Coding Club (years 1 - 2)

This fun coding club teaches the children the basics of computer programming through a mixture of exciting online and offline activities. Children will learn about algorithms, sequences and loops with the opportunity to complete code of their own!

Cypher – Coding Club (years 3 - 4)

In this block-based coding club, children will be learning to code through the Scratch platform. Promoting computational thinking, problem solving skills, creativity and collaboration. Children will be working through incrementally harder content each week. The children will combine their creativity with their new coding knowledge to create a series of exciting projects and games.

Cypher – Advanced Coding Club (years 5 - 6)

In this advanced coding club, students will be exploring text-based coding using Python. Each week, students will work to complete a creative and fun coding project, from artworks to their own exciting games. This club is perfect for children ready to extend their coding skills.

Fencing (years 1 – 6)

Little Musketeers courses offer a great balance of fencing activities and team games to capture the children’s imagination and improve fitness through the development of balance, speed, agility, hand/eye co-ordination and, most importantly, confidence. Little Musketeers has also been recognised by Dr Adele Diamond, a world-renowned scientist who specialises in child brain development. For more information please watch this short video,

Football by Future Football (years 1 – 6)

Fun activities with various challenges. Working on the rules and different aspects of match play. Individual skills and small sided games, creating competitive situations. Working on defending attacking and ways to outwit the opposition.

Huzzah Performing Arts – Drama Club (years 1 – 2)

Whether your little one needs a boost in self esteem or a place to unleash their extra energy, our drama club is the place to be. Jam packed full of confidence boosting Drama games, songs that you won’t be able to get out of your head and dance moves to rival Jagger. There’s a show at the end of term for the whole school, family and friends, to celebrate your little stars.

Huzzah Performing Arts – Drama Club (years 3 – 6)

When children are trying to figure out who they are, drama can give them a safe place to explore and expand their personality and build self esteem. Our drama club is designed to teach children to respect themselves and each other while we develop skills that carry them far beyond the stage. There’s a show at the end of term to give your child performing experience and celebrate a job well done.

Huzzah Performing Arts – Street Dance Club (years 3 – 6)

Studies have shown that learning dance develops creativity, teamwork, confidence, critical thinking, self-discipline, physical health and the ability to work collaboratively. At Huzzah we know that kids want to express themselves and have fun too. That’s why we’ve packed technical skills and know how into a fun filled programme teaching your child challenging dances to their favourite tunes. There is a showing for the school, family and friends at the end of term – another chance to boost your child’s confidence.

Huzzah Performing Arts – Junior Street Dance Club (years 1 - 2)

Huzzah’s junior street dance club encourages your child to build on their natural rhythm whilst learning new dance skills. As  well as boosting their confidence and stage presence, your child will be learning choreography that will stretch their minds and bodies. There is a showing for the school, family and friends at the end of term – another chance to boost your child’s confidence.

Junior Jazz Band (year 4 invited)

Mr Oliver is launching a Jazz Band for invited children in year 4. The Jazz Band will be an opportunity for those learning an instrument to perform in an ensemble.

Martial Arts (years 1 – 6)

The martial arts club offered at Chepstow House has been running since 2011 and is based on Fanchento Kung Fu and Japanese Ju Jitsu ( It includes striking tumbling, trips and wrestling all specifically designed to work with children’s developmental urges and contributes to their wellbeing. There is an established body of research that shows that traditional martial arts makes significant contribution to children’s development in particular their self-regulation but also has positive effects on their physical, emotional, social and cognitive abilities. We think martial arts makes a particularly positive contribution to girl’s physical confidence. Edwin Edelstein holds a 5th degree black belt and has been teaching children martial arts in London for 25 years. He teaches 250 children a week at Chepstow House, Falkner House (Boys and Girls), Notting Hill Prep and Wetherby Pre Prep (Notting Hill and Kensington). Edwin is enrolled for a professional doctorate researching the benefits of martial arts for children at Middlesex University. More information is available at

Orchestra (years 3 – 6)

The Chepstow House School Orchestra is a great fun opportunity for pupils in years 3-6 to get together and make music! – We will explore popular tunes such as the James Bond theme, as well as traditional pieces, working towards a performance at the end of the year. Children of all abilities are welcome, from complete beginner to experienced players and the club is open to children who learn instruments in or out of school. The instruments for the school orchestra are: violin, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, trombone.

Recorder Club (years 2 – 4)

Explore and learn the Recorder!  Must have own instrument. Are you already learning a wind instrument? Are you looking for an opportunity to play in a band and have fun? Ms Sara Minelli, our flute teacher, is looking for recorder players to join this club. Mixed levels are welcome: the children need to be able of playing at least 3-5 notes on their instrument!  The club will cover a variety of repertoire and songs, as well as an introduction to improvisation. If you’re intrigued by the project, please bring your own instrument and join the fun!

Rumba Spanish Club by Creativity Art Workshops (years 1 – 6)

We are delighted to teach our native language in the funniest way ever; singing and playing. The educational programme will be delivered by the co-founder of CAW, Alexandra Soto. Alexandra is an art teacher and a singer songwriter who will be challenging your little ones to communicate in Spanish.

STEM (years 3 – 6)

This term in STEM club there are a whole host of new design activities planned from catapults to mazes. There will also be a focus on technology using mirco:bits and robotics to create exciting projects.

Trumpet club (years 3 – 6)

No prior experience required, just a willingness to have a go! No trumpet purchase required as trumpets are provided by the school. Join us and become a trumpet player! Trumpet club gives you the opportunity to learn how to play the trumpet and deliver regular performances in school. A wide variety of music will be covered from jazz to pop and classical music. You will also learn how to read music while playing in this unique ensemble! This will be an extremely fun club and enable you to acquire the fantastic life skills that learning a musical instrument provides.