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GillWelcome to Little Chepstow Nursery School, a safe and stimulating environment, where we focus on each child as an individual to create confident, capable and resilient learners. At Little Chepstow we are proud of our community feel where parents are valued and enthusiastically become involved in their child’s education. This working together produces a positive impact on the child’s learning and development.

Our children primarily learn through play and are encouraged to discover their surroundings and take care of them. Through working with the stimulating, hands on Early Years programme the children are able to learn with natural awe and wonder. We know that young children need a base of security,  and through this, we help the children become independent and effective communicators and develop good relationships with others. We promote a caring and courteous environment and greatly value discussions that will empower children to express themselves and explore emotions. Little Chepstow is above all a happy, stimulating and fun nursery school where the children are able to develop at their own pace in our exciting and caring setting.

Gill Whiteside