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CH&CO is proud to have been given the responsibility to manage the catering at Chepstow House School. The CH&CO philosophy is to produce ‘home-cooked food to a standard that can’t be bettered’.

Eating Right to Stay Bright – Our chef provides food that stimulates the brain function. The right diet improves concentration, helps studying, assists the memory and prevents sluggishness.

Gimme 5– In line with the government eating guidelines, the children are encouraged to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables make up the snack at the children’s break time and a salad bar is available at lunch time as well as a selection of hot vegetables from the hot food counter.

Calcium is Cool – Calcium rich foods are a priority on the Chepstow House School lunch menu as childhood is when most bone-building occurs. Many foods rich in calcium are dairy free such as oily fish, broccoli, carrots and dried fruits. These foods, as well as the dairy products milk, cheese and yoghurt, are all available either at the salad bar, hot food counter or as part of the desserts.

Unsalted – Salt is never added at any stage of the cooking process by our chef at Chepstow House School. Fresh herbs and lemon juice are used instead. Where possible all food is prepared from fresh produce to avoid using processed foods which are high in salt.

Ch&co are passionate about preparing food for children and consider it is their responsibility to encourage pupils towards a balanced diet by creating attractive and nutritious menus.