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Our Music

Music plays an important part in the life of Chepstow House and is taught by a specialist teacher as a classroom subject to every child from Reception through to Year 6.

The music curriculum is designed to focus on the three main areas of music: listening and appraising, performing and composing. Each child will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in these areas as well as the key elements of music, such as pitch, rhythm and notation. This enables pupils to develop an understanding of music theory as well as practice.

In addition to classroom music, we have a comprehensive instrumental programme and encourage our pupils to display their musical skills, both vocal and instrumental, through school assemblies, concerts, end of term productions and class performances.


Choirs and instrumental ensembles

The school offers the following choirs and instrumental ensembles:

  • KS1 Choir
  • KS2 Choir
  • Trumpet Club
  • Guitar/Uke Ensemble
  • Rock Band

Instrumental and vocal teaching

Chepstow House provides pupils from year 1 with the opportunity to take lessons with instrumental and vocal specialists, who are all experienced teachers and performers. Additional charges are made for these lessons. These lessons are offered during the school day but are on a rotation to avoid children missing the same lesson week to week. Children can have lessons in: singing, piano, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, ukulele, drums and brass instruments.