Autumn Term 2013 – Meeting Minutes

School Council Meeting Minutes – 4th November 2013

Present: Cameron, Rory, Chloe, Oliver, Felix, Leah, Miss Ritchie

  • £289 was raised on Pyjama Day. The money will go towards supplies for Hamster. It was discussed that Hamlet needs a new ball and a larger house. Cameron and Rory to order a new hamster house with Miss Ritchie online.
  • The children enjoyed the activities on Pyjama day especially the sleeper making and hamster PJ activities but would like a cooking activity on the next fun day.
  • The next Fun Day will be for Children in Need. Rory to share the School Council ideas with Mrs Templeton.
  • Miss Elizabeth came to the end of the meeting. The School Council thanked her for putting on the School Council Lunch last half term. We will have another one this half term. Each class rep is to go back and ask their class what they would like.
  • Miss Elizabeth is introducing crudités at lunchtime. Each table will have a plate of crudités on it. The children will be able to help themselves to these. There will still be plenty of other items at the salad bar too.
  • We went over the judging for the Hamster. Class reps to remind classes to keep their classrooms tidy so that Hamlet can come and visit.

The next School council to be held on Monday 18th November


School Council Meeting Minutes – 7th October 2013

Present: Cameron, Rory, Maximillian, Chloe, Oliver, Felix, Leah, Miss Ritchie

  • Mrs Barr is happy to have Pyjama Day on the 16th October. School Council to make posters at home to put up in classrooms. The School Council thought the children should bring £2 to wear their pyjamas and take part in fun activities. The money will go towards caring for the Hamster, setting up the Pocket Money Shop and for the costs involved in Fun Days.
  • We discussed some of the activities that could be done on the Pyjama day. These included slipper designing, hamster pyjamas, bedtime songs and sleepy games including sleepy lions.
  • School Council members reported back on the suggestions for the School Council lunch. The favourite was pizza with carrots and broccoli followed by ice cream cones. Cameron to email Chef Elizabeth and let her know.
  • We discussed what we needed to look for when judging the most responsible class. We felt to win Hamlet the class must have:

A tidy cloakroom, chairs tucked in, no rubbish on the floor.

The next School council to be held on Monday 11th November

School Council Meeting Minutes – 16th September 2013

Present: Cameron, Rory, Maximillian, Chloe, Oliver, Miss Ritchie

  • We talked through all the charities put forward by the parents for our school charity for the year. The School Council decided they would like a local children’s charity. Therefore we decided on Duchenne Children’s Trust. The Duchenne Children’s Trust helps children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is the most common fatal genetic disorder to affect children.  It is when they cannot produce dystrophin, a protein necessary for muscle survival.  As a result, every skeletal muscle in the body deteriorates.
  • Many suggestions were made for our first fun day on the 16th October. It was decided that we would have a pyjama day. Miss Ritchie to check with Mrs Barr. School council to think of activities that we could do and report back at next meeting.
  • School Council members to start checking classrooms to see which class is the most responsible. The winning class gets awarded Hamlet in assembly on Tuesday. Cameron and Rory to check classes this week.
  • School Councillors to ask their classes what their favourite lunch is before the next meeting so that we can email Chef Elizabeth our final menu choice for this terms School Council Lunch.

The next School council to be held on Monday 7th October