School Council

Our School Council is a lively forum, allowing the children a network of communication throughout the school. Meetings are held every two weeks and are chaired by our year 6 leaders. The topics discussed range from choosing themes for our half termly Friendship Fun Days to reviewing the school uniform.

Minutes from each meeting are recorded then emailed out to every class to comment on. They are also passed on to the SLT for discussion.

At the beginning of each term, every class elects their School Council representative. The election is often a tight-fought race showing the children’s enthusiasm to represent their class and to have an impact on school life.

Some of the new initiatives brought about by the School Council include:

  • Helping design the school lunch menu
  • Introducing a class book swap scheme
  • Establishing a playground buddy system
  • Selecting new playground equipment
  • Introducing new clubs; sewing, a second art club, more chess

Our current School Council representatives:

Jasmine – Robin

Beatrice – Sparrow

Maud – Wren

Charlie – Starlings

Harrison – Pelican

Garbriele – Puffin






Holly – Penguin

Sofia – Swallow

Emma – Kingfisher

Miriam – Woodpecker

Layan – Woodlark

Ella – Skylark

Ariella – Snowy Owl





Zinzi – Barn Owl

Anastasia – Tawny Owl

Aurelian – Grey Hawk

Tristan – Harrier Hawk

Isabelle – Golden Eagle