Community Links

The children are introduced to a variety of public institutions and services in England. We have formed good relationships with the community police and fire services who regularly visit the school. We have also previously been visited by the local council Mayor. We partake in walk to school week and consider carefully the impact we have on the world in which we live. We try to utilise the facilities within our area such as the local library and Church Hall in order to encourage a feeling of belonging and respect for our community. We have established good links with the local borough – Royal Borough of Kensington – partaking in road safety campaigns, safe scooter training and having the librarian come into read to the children.

We also support many local charities in order to forge links within our community. In doing this, the children of Chepstow gain a greater understanding and respect for the world around them by taking care of the community to which they belong!

Christmas Appeal

Every year Chepstow House support the Rugby Portobello Trust. This charity helps both boys and girls within the local community receive presents on Christmas morning. With well over 100 boxes donated each year, we know that we make a significant impact to the children who receive the boxes. We hope that this year will be our biggest donating year yet!

Harvest Collection

At the annual Harvest Festival assembly, children at Chepstow donate non perishable food to those less fortunate than themselves. As the winter approches, we give thanks and are grateful that we have food to comfort us in the cold months ahead.  Remembering that everyone is not as lucky as we are, we work in close partnership with The Salvation Army in helping with their vital efforts in providing food throughout our local community.

Community Police

In order to understand the importance of stranger danger, keeping ourselves safe and the role of the police in the community, Chepstow House invites the community police officers in to visit whenever they can. We enjoy trying on hats, uniforms, hearing ‘live’ radio chat as well as seeing our teachers get arrested!



Local Fire Brigade

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea sent their local fire brigade to visit Chepstow House School. Fortunately they were not needed to attend a fire. Instead they showed us their fire engine and what it is used for. We were able to try on firemans hats, hold the hose and ride in their truck!