Charity Work

Over the years, Chepstow House School has been very proud to support many worthy and worthwhile causes. Each charity is chosen by the children for a year. Throughout that year, different fundraising events take place within and outside of school. These would not be made possible without the help and hard work of the Friends of Chepstow House School who work tirelessly to help us reach our charitable goals.

This 2016/17 year we launched our new international charity Stand By Me. Stand By Me is a children’s charity caring for some of the world’s poorest children through their children’s homes, schools and care centres.

Chepstow House School is proud to support Stand By Me and link with the Dembi Dollo ‘Abdi Academy’ in Ethiopia. This year we are raising money to build a children’s home.  Chepstow House School will also be forging links with the children of the school.  Our target is to raise £33,000.


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