Residential Trips

Year 3

In the Summer term Year 3 have a one night residential at Bushcraft. They stay at ‘The Woods’ (Cornbury Park) living in the wild, sleeping under canvas and cooking over open fires. It is an unforgettable two days where they all form many happy memories.







Year 4

In the Summer term Year 4 have a three night residential at Knapp House. During their visit children have the opportunity to take part in a range of both land-based and water activities including water-skiing, climbing and abseiling, surfing and coastal exploration. The activities promote self-reliance, responsibility and heightened self-esteem. Children come away from the residential feeling more independent and with a lot of amazing stories!

Year 5

In the Summer term Year 5 have a four night residential at Rockley Park. The park has its own private beach where the children are able to sail, windsurf and kayak. This is an adventurous and fun packed week that every child enjoys attending.