Prep School

From years 3 to 8, the children are considered to be in the Prep. They have their own entrance as we encourage them to become independent.

The year groups are 3 form entry, with class sizes between 18 and 20. Each class has a full time teacher with the teaching assistants working across a year group.

The classes are mixed each year until year 6. This provides an opportunity for all the children to know each other.

Core lessons, and French, take place in the classroom. On-site and off-site facilities for sport and subject rooms for music, art, science and drama provide space for the children to be taught by experienced specialist teachers.

The main focus of preparation begins in year 5 for 11+ assessments and pre-tests, although from year 4 the children are being prepared for exit into senior schools,

In years 7 and 8, the children are working towards the 13+ exit exams.

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