Pre-Prep Staff

Full Time Teachers
EYFS Reception
Mrs Hjorth BA (Hons) & PGCE (Primary)
Miss Thomas (EYFS Coordinator) BA (Hons) & PGCE (Primary)
Miss Morse
Year 1
Miss Hunter
Ms Avanzi BA (Hons) & EYPS-(Early Years)
Miss O’Sullivan BA (Hons), PGCE (Primary)
Year 2
Miss Lindsay
Miss Pendlebury BA (Hons) & PGCE (Primary)
Miss Willway BA (Hons) & PGCE (Primary)
Miss Fossett (KS1 Curriculum & Parent Communication) BA (Hons), MA & PGCE (Primary)
Year 3
Miss Jenkins BA (Hons) & PGCE (Primary)
Miss Wilkes BA (Hons) & PGCE (Primary)
Mrs Hoffmann
Teaching Assistants
EYFS Reception
Miss Iqbal
Miss Greensted
Miss George-Carey
Year 1
Miss Pearce
Miss Burhan BA (Hons)
Miss Quested NNEB
Year 2
Miss Parry
Miss Miss Young
Miss Williams BA (Hons)
Miss Otto NVQ 3 Childcare
Year 3
Miss Colella MA & NVQ 3
Miss Norman BA (Hons) LRAD & ARAD
Miss Young

The  school is a centre of learning excellence, where children can develop as well-rounded individuals, while growing and interacting as part of a community that promotes a spirit of collaboration, collective accountability and responsibility.