Pre-Prep Staff

Full Time Teachers
EYFS Reception
Miss Otto BA (Hons)
Miss McNeilis BA (Hons)
Miss Morse (EYFS Reception Coordinator) MA, BA (Hons), PGCE (Primary)
Miss Walshe BA (Hons), PGCE (Primary)
Year 1
Miss Walker BA (Hons),
Ms Avanzi BA (Hons), EYPS-(Early Years)
Mr Lynch BA (Hons)
Year 2
Miss Young BSc (Hons)
Miss Meads BA (Hons), PGCE (Primary)
Miss Fossett (KS1 Curriculum & Parent Communication) BA (Hons), MA, PGCE (Primary)
Teaching Assistants
EYFS Reception
Miss Rose BA (Hons)
Miss Worth BA (Hons)
Miss George-Carey BA (Hons)
Miss Molly Brocklehurst BA (Hons)
Year 1
Miss Pearce
Miss Burhan BA (Hons)
Miss Quested NNEB
Year 2
Miss Narbeth BA (Hons)
Miss Rushton BA (Hons)
Miss Fairclough BA (Hons)

The  school is a centre of learning excellence, where children can develop as well-rounded individuals, while growing and interacting as part of a community that promotes a spirit of collaboration, collective accountability and responsibility.