Key Stage 1 Curriculum

Year 1 and Year 2

In Year 1 and 2, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum that follows the National Curriculum subjects. It is, however, enhanced and enriched in order to provide every pupil with the opportunity to reach their potential.

English: Great focus is placed on writing for a variety of audiences and purposes, reading, good spelling, grammar and punctuation. By the time children leave Chepstow House, we expect them to have developed the skills and knowledge to communicate creatively and confidently through speaking, reading and writing.

Mathematics: The children are encouraged to become mathematical thinkers through a curriculum that is challenging, interactive and fun. A strong emphasis is placed upon building a good understanding of the basic skills of number, mental agility, thinking skills and problem-solving. Maths is taught through practical-based activities combined with computer-based learning resources and formal structure.

Mathematics in Year 1

Mathematics in Year 2

Science: Science is a core subject and is taught through topic areas. They are structured to give the children the opportunity to wonder and learn about the world in which they live and see how science impacts on it.

History and Geography: Also taught through cross curricular themes and topics.

Art and Design: The children’s creativity and imagination is expanded through art, craft and design activities. The children explore and begin to understand use of colour, shape, space, pattern and texture. They also focus on the work of artists, craftspeople and designers.

Music: All children have weekly class music lessons in which they sing, play percussion instruments, compose and listen to music. They also learn about instruments and composers and have the opportunity to have individual instrument lessons. The children are additionally given opportunities to perform in assemblies and school productions.

Language: We teach French as a modern foreign language to all children from Reception as part of the normal school curriculum. The earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language, the faster the language in question is acquired.

Physical Education: With specialist trained teachers, the children are encouraged to develop their physical skills and spatial awareness. There is a focus on competitive sporting activities to develop their team work skills.