In Reception the children are taught the letters and sounds using Jolly Phonics. We follow the Kingston Cursive writing script (TRTS) which teaches the children to form letters with a lead in and out.

Through having a variety of reading schemes the children are introduced to a selection of genres. This encourages reading for pleasure as well as meaning. The child’s reading progress is assessed regularly using the PM Benchmark running records.

Within class the children are heard reading daily, either individually or in guided reading groups. Guided reading is a time when the teacher can focus on the comprehension of the story through effective questioning in group discussions.

Sending reading books and phonic recognition home daily: This is done in order for the children to reinforce and celebrate what they are doing at school at home. We send home the Jolly Phonic letters daily with directions on the sound and action and this is accompanied with the letter formation in the cursive style. This provides the parents/carers with support and guidance on how to help their child and it also allows an opportunity to reinforce class practice at home.

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