Admissions FAQs

At what age do children join Little Chepstow?

Children generally join when they are 2.6yrs old depending on their date of birth and stay in nursery for two years. Children with autumn birthdays will join us in the September when they are rising 3. Children with July and August birthdays can join in the January when they are 2.6yrs.

Can my child do full days?

Little Chepstow is a sessional nursery school offering either morning or afternoon school. We do not offer full days. Morning sessions run from 8.45am to 11.50am and afternoon sessions run from 1pm to 3.50pm.

Do you offer part time places?

Children with May and June birthdays may be offered a part time place (three mornings or afternoons for the first term only). This is at the Head’s discretion.

How is the school structured?

We have two teaching groups per session, with up to 22 in each. These are then divided according to age and the activities taking place.

What are your ratios for teaching staff:students?

We adhere to the required standard ratios of 1:4 for under 3’s and 1:8 for over 3’s.

How many places do you offer a year?

We offer 44 places each year, with the majority being offered to siblings and children on the Chepstow House definite list. Following this we then offer from the Chepstow House waiting list.

Does entry into Little Chepstow guarantee a definite place in the main school? (Reception 4+ entry)

For offers made from September 2017, if your child takes up the place at the start of the first year at Little Chepstow nursery and remains for the full two years, he/she will be offered a definite place in the main school at 4+. This will not be offered to children joining the nursery mid-year. If your child leaves before completing the full two years, they will remain on the waiting list.

How do we register for Little Chepstow?

Forms can be found on the website. One form and one fee automatically registers the child for both the Nursery and the School (Reception 4+ entry). If you send your registration form by email, we will need the original to be mailed to us.

Contact with any further queries.

When can we see the Nursery?

If you have a definite place at Chepstow House we will contact you to invite you to view Nursery when your child is approximately 6 months old. If your child is on the waiting list, tours will be arranged at our discretion. Please be aware we are unable to show you around the Nursery if you have not registered your child.

When will places be offered?

Places are offered in the spring term the year before your child is due to join us.

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