Nursery Diary Dates

Little Chepstow Nursery

Diary Dates: Autumn Term 2020

8th September: Term Starts

7th September: Pre School Visits

11th September: Mouse Club Starts

14th September: New Children Starts

17th September: Field Mice Curriculum Talk (5.00pm)

23rd September: Dormice Curriculum Talk (5.00pm)

24th September: Dormice Curriculum Talk

6th October: Harvest Circle Time

14th October: FCH Parent Quiz Night

15th October: Fun Day (Pyjama Day)

15th October: Last Day of Term (normal school hours)

2nd November: Return to School

23rd – 24th November: Charity School Boxes

10th December: Field Mice Christmas Concert

14th December: Father Christmas Visit

15th December: Last Day of Term (normal hours)

(Spring Term Starts: Monday 6th January )


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