Literacy is an essential part of education; we recognise that if children have a great understanding of the English language they can embrace the whole school curriculum and excel in life.

At Chepstow House School we create a word-enriched environment which gives children plenty of opportunities to learn new words.  We consider, amongst other elements: meaning, pronunciation, phonological representation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure.  This is the foundation of our English teaching, all staff encourage a word-enriched environment as we recognise the importance in all subjects.

Our aim is for all children to be enthralled in the English language and develop a passion for literature.

Our English lessons are designed to develop crucial skills in speaking, listening, reading (including comprehension) and writing.  Proficiency in these areas allow pupils to communicate effectively and to express themselves creatively and imaginatively.

English Curriculum Content & Reading lists: The English scope and sequence and reading lists for year groups can be found here.  

Speaking and Listening: Throughout the year children have many opportunities to develop these essential skills.  Including: assemblies, debates within year groups and key stages and presentation to parents.

Phonics: We use Jolly Phonics to teach literacy through synthetic phonics. More information on Jolly Phonics can be found here

Reading:  Children are heard daily in guided reading. To allow for a variety of genres to be read we do not follow a set reading scheme. In guided reading, a group of children read the same book every day in school and for homework.  This allows in-depth analysis of the text to take place.  All children are encouraged to read their own independent reading book, which they can bring in from home or they borrow from the library on our weekly visits. More information on teaching children to read can be found here.

Spelling:  We use the Primary Education spelling books.  These focus on a set of spellings for two weeks.  The units have daily homework tasks where the children have to spell the words correctly and explore the meaning of the word and how it is formed.

Handwriting: The children continue to develop their handwriting, using the Kingston Cursive writing script (TRTS).  When children demonstrate this script correctly and throughout their work, they move on to writing with a fountain pen.

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