Language learning is of profound educational importance as it helps to understand the diversity of our world. It also contributes to the reinforcement of knowledge, skills and understanding developed in other subjects – over 15 languages are spoken at Chepstow by the children and the staff.

At Chepstow French is taught once a week from reception to year 3, and twice a week from year 4. From year 6 upwards the children begin to learn Latin using the Minimus scheme of teaching. Children can also use Linguascope at home to discover other languages, including Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.


Madame Robinne started teaching French in primary schools in 2005 and at Chepstow House School when it first opened in January 2010. She is a native French speaker who was born in Brittany, grew up in Versailles and studied in Paris, Montreal and Boston. She is passionate about the role languages can play in socialising and communicating in the modern world.