Steve McQueen Year 3: Your Photograph

It’s wonderful to be in touch with you on the launch of the Tate Britain exhibition launch for Steve McQueen Year 3!


You may well have seen the project this week across the news and in print and of course some of the 50 school photographs that are part of the short-burst billboard exhibition strand to the project.


We are thrilled with the response so far to this iconic artwork and learning programme that London schools have been central to and made possible. Huge congratulations to your school and to all your participating (now) Year 4 pupils!


The Location of your Photograph in the Gallery

There are over 3,000 class photographs in the exhibition and with pupils’ safeguarding of paramount importance, you’ll remember each photograph is anonymous. If you are visiting as part of a booked school trip with us, you’ll be shown your photograph(s) as part of the experience but we are only telling and showing each school the exact location of their photograph in the gallery.


There won’t be a public map on display, nor will staff hold or share information about where specific photographs are located, so parents and families will only be able to find out through your school notifying them.

Please feel free to share this information responsibly with them if they would like to visit the free exhibition at the weekend or in the holidays through to 3rd May 2020. Safeguarding and protection of children is crucial, so please ask them to be mindful of sharing this information on social media, as schools could be identified this way.


Your school’s photograph location is in Section 2

The exhibition spans 24 sections that are marked clockwise from the entrance.

Please note that in some instances a school’s photographs might span across two sections if they appear at the end of one line, so please look to the next section if you don’t see them banked together.


Additional Schools Booking Availability

There has been unprecedented popularity for schools booking to visit the exhibition – we are welcoming over 48,000 pupils and teachers on booked school visits and friends and families are warmly encouraged to visit at weekends and in the holidays.

If you haven’t been able to book and would like to come, then later this month we will be opening up additional 3 – 5pm school visits from February – May 2020.


From the end of November you can log in to book these sessions here:


Generating your own Press!

Many schools have asked if you can contact your local paper to celebrate your involvement – in this link is a template press release you can use There is no expectation as all press is being coordinated by Tate, however please do refer to the template if you’d like to contact your local press.


Schools E-bulletin

Tate Learning is thrilled to be working with you and welcoming your pupils. Before the end of this term we’ll send you the new e-bulletin that will keep you in touch with other learning opportunities, teacher events and ways for your school to stay connected.


With very best wishes for now and congratulations to all,



Stef Martin
Steve McQueen Year 3

Schools Coordinator

Tate Britain


My pronouns are she, her.


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