Year 2 to Bushcraft

Covered in camouflage paint and mud, year 2 were ready to start their Bushcraft day! They travelled to Oxfordshire for a fantastic day of fire building, hamburger roasting and den making fun. They played some games in the wide open fields and perfected their hiding behind trees and bushes. Then, the amazing Bushcraft team showed them how to collect the perfect wood for a fire, how to strike the flint and steel to make a spark and of course how to roast a juicy burger. After lunch, it was time to make shelters using natural materials – the aim was to create a shelter to keep the hamburger buns dry! Finally, it was back on the coach with smoke filled hair and muddy faces for the journey back to school. Year 2 absolutely loved their time at Bushcraft – they wonder when they will next get to test out their woodland skills?