Eco Week

This week we have been celebrating “Eco Week”, which has been a great success! We have had a visit from the Junk Orchestra on Monday where years 2 and 3 learnt how to make music from recycled objects such as flip flops, biscuit tins and tennis balls. Even the teachers had a go! We have been very lucky to have a number of guest speakers come in to talk about environmental issues, including Julia Bradbury who gave a fascinating talk to the whole school about the impact humans are having on the planet. As part of walk to school week, we trialled a walking bus with a great take up. Before and after school, parents and children from the eco committee have been running a pop-up shop selling a range of eco alternatives to everyday products such a bamboo toothbrushes and metal straws. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to buy something. Architect Spider Hickman and her team have been working hard in the wild area to build a snake-shaped bench using all our bottle bricks. The students have loved helping to mix the eco ‘cement’ using their feet and getting muddy! Thank you to everyone who has donated batteries or used electronics. We also had lots of generous donations of clothes for the ‘swishing party’ on Thursday and hope that everyone managed to find something new and exciting to take home!