Year 6 Residential to Normandy

After an early 4.45am start, year 6 set off on their travels to Normandy. The first stop-off was a trip to the goat’s cheese farm where some brave children (and teachers!) tried goat’s milk directly from the animal! Having happily survived this experience, the next day was spent exploring the delights of Mont Saint Michel. Year 6 was lucky to have beautiful weather to explore the local market too. Also this week was an important trip to the beaches in Arronmanches where the children supplemented their knowledge from History lessons by learning more about the D Day landings and seeing where these landings actually took place. The French delicacies of snails didn’t go down too well at the local restaurant afterwards but at least they were tried! Following a trip to the Bayeux tapestry and lunch in the park, the week finished with an amazing talent show before they set off back to the UK. Victoria and Ollie’s magic tricks were the winners of the show! Finally, after celebrating Alexander’s birthday, prizes for the week were given out and they headed back home.