Year 5 Residential to Rockley Park

Last week year 5 hopped on a train to Poole, Dorset to visit Rockley Park, a watersports and adventure park. After wiggling into wetsuits and smothering in suncream the students took part in lots of different activities on the water including paddle boarding, catamaran sailing and kayaking, in perfect conditions – blue skies, highs of 20 degrees and a light wind! Many nautical terms were learnt including jib, which is the triangular sail at the front of the boat and gybe, which is when you change from one tack to the other away from the wind, with the stern of the boat turning through the wind. The boats were fairly quick, with one particular catamaran capsizing, much to the student’s delight! Paddleboarding and kayaking against the tides really tested the shoulder and arm strength too! The week was topped off with pontoon jumping with the lead instructor and a talent show.