Year 3 Residential to Bushcraft

Year 3 went on their first overnight residential to Bushcraft, Oxfordshire. Through living in the wild, the students learnt about the woodland environment in a fun and engaging manner. They took part in a camouflage and concealment exercise, where the students had to employ team tactics and use their surroundings to camouflage themselves and evade capture. They learnt about different types of shelter and why they needed shelter when they are living outside. In tribes, they built their own shelter, using natural woodland materials. Some of them even created a garden and front door as part of the shelter – a few braved the tents overnight too! They were also shown how to manage fire safely and responsibly. They then used the fire to cook a simple, delicious meal using fresh seasonal ingredients – burgers! Finally, they were taught the importance of finding food in remote areas and how this has changed over time. They learnt about four different types of traps (tangle, strangle, mangle, dangle) before attempting to make their own. Most importantly, the students mixed as a year group and made bonds with people they might not normally play with. All the teachers were extremely proud of the maturity, braveness and resilience all year 3 children showed.