Year 3 Trip to the Science Museum

Year 3 were lucky enough to go to the Science Museum on Tuesday to further their learning and Science knowledge. First, they had free time around the museum to explore they interests. This included time in the Space gallery where they saw real moon rock, satellites and rockets which tell the mesmerising story of space exploration. They went up to level one where they got to explore who they are, discovering what makes us us/unique and how  genetics and upbringing may combine to create who we are. Then they had time to explore the Wonderlab, an immersive and interactive part of the museum which allows one to understand Science through play. The students had the chance to go down giant slides, as an experiment for friction. There were three different slides all made from different types of material including fake grass, plastic and wood, the friction slide was definitely a favourite! Lastly, they learnt about electricity, where they saw a charge of 1,000,000 volts to create electricity – it was super loud, followed by a workshop on how to create circuits, the symbols to use to represent switches, lights and a battery and what this would look like in their own houses.