Visit from Lotte Moore

Year 6 had a very special visit in their History lesson from Lotte Moore, author of Lotte’s War, who discussed her experience of being evacuated in World War II. The students heard about hers and her husband’s incredible and difficult experiences of being evacuees at the age of four and six respectively and saw the amount of food they had to live on for a week (one egg and one rasher of bacon was less than what some of us had for breakfast, let alone a week!) There were many highlights; for Teddy his favourite bit of the talk was about the barrage balloons – not only their role in defending against aircraft attacks but also how Lotte found them reassuring and therapeutic. Both Scarlett and Milan enjoyed Lotte’s anecdotes about Churchill, from his whistling at fish to her brother flipping him over in the pool! Sophia enjoyed looking at the pewter flask which was handed around and showed the bullet hole in it which had saved Lotte’s Grandfather from injury. For Declan, his highlight was hearing more about the gas mask. It really brought home the significance for everyone of being the last generation to hear directly from people that lived through the war and the necessity to pass it onto those after us.