Weekly Fixtures Report

Year 4 Rugby vs Eaton Square

The year 4 boys descended on Linford Christie to take on well matched Eaton Square teams. The boys played two games of ‘two handed touch’. The ‘A’ team showed glimpses of good play in a 10-0 defeat, Konstantin showed outstanding pace and Charlie displayed good passing skills. However, space was hard to come by, which made it difficult for Chepstow to exploit possession. The ‘B’ team showed promise in a 20-5 defeat, Rohan playing nicely, along with Aurelien.

A-team player of the match – Konstantin

B- team player of the match – Aurelien


Year 6 and year 4 Hockey vs Eaton Square

Last week year 4 and year 6 both played against Eaton Square at Battersea Park and Linford Christie on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. The girls have been working on dribbling up the sides of the pitch and using tactical passing to get the ball towards goal. The year 6 girls have been practising short and long corners, ensuring the ball has traveled at least 5 meters before entering the D to shoot. Both year groups played two 15 minutes halves, finishing all matches with wins for Chepstow. All teams were incredibly proud of themselves and each other and are looking forward to the next fixtures.