Weekly Fixtures Report

Year 3 Hockey vs Notting Hill Prep

On Tuesday 5th February the year 3 girls played their first hockey fixture of the season against Notting Hill Prep at Linford Christie. The girls were split into three teams and played on three separate pitches for three 10 minute thirds. The girls have been working on a variety of hockey passes within their sports lessons which they incorporated within their matches when getting the ball towards goal. All three teams were coached through the game and encouraged to think specifically of their position and the job of their position to ensure all areas of the pitch were covered by Chepstow players. Despite the cold all girls finished their games with plenty of smiles and high fives and a merit each for all of their effort and hard work.

Year 3 Rugby vs Notting Hill Prep

The year 3 boys travelled to Linford Christie to take on Notting Hill Prep in the ‘Lancaster Road Derby’. On a blustery and cold day, the boys played well in patches against strong opposition. The ‘A’ team struggled to find space in the Notting Hill Prep defence, Raif played nicely. The ‘B’ team played some encouraging tag rugby, Gabriel D excelling in attack and defence. The ‘C’ team played brilliantly in a game showing bags of enthusiasm from both teams, Izzy bagged a succession of tries, as well as some good tagging from Joachim, which resulted in a positive performance from the ‘C’ team. The ‘D’ team found things difficult in their first tag rugby fixture of the year, Freddy and Oscar shone in a battling performance.

‘A’ team player of the match – Raif

‘B’ team player of the match – Gabriel

‘C’ team player of the match – Izzy

‘D’ team players of the match – Freddy/Oscar

Year 5 Hockey vs Latymer

On Thursday 7th February the year 5 and a selection of year 4 girls played against Latymer at Westminster Playing Fields. The girls were split into two teams of 7 on two separate pitches to play four 9 minute quarters. This term the teams have been working on accurate passing and dribbling towards goal, primarily using the sides of the pitch as opposed to straight down the centre in order to gain more ground at a faster pace. The girls were focussing on maintaining their positions on the pitch so that each area was covered by a Chepstow Player ensuring that both attack and defence were strong. Both teams started off brilliantly despite the conditions of the pitch not being ideal. Across both pitches Chepstow managed to score 5 goals throughout the game finishing with one win and one unfortunate loss. The teams were both full of energy and positivity at the end of the game shaking hands with all other players to congratulate excellent play. This week the teams will be developing their dribbling skills when going around a defender and ensuring to spread across the sides of the pitch to offer more opportunities for long passes on the wing.

Year 5 Rugby vs Notting Hill Prep

The year 5 boys travelled in high spirits to Linford Christie to take on Notting Hill Prep in the ‘Lancaster Road Derby’ in two rugby fixtures. The ‘A’ team played some excellent stuff in a tight encounter, Henry took his great form in his recent fixtures into this game, a shone with consistently good tackling. Oliver tackled well and made some surging runs and the pace duo of Tommy and Alexandre ran NHP ragged at times. However NHP came out 35-30 point winners with a last ditch try. The ‘B’ team played in an enthralling game, Sachin playing his best rugby of the year and Jaspar dominating in attack. Four year 4 children (Sofian, Charlie, Konstantin and Michael C) played brilliantly. The ‘B’ team came out with a battling 40-40 draw.

‘A’ team player of the match – Oliver

‘B’ team player of the match – Sachin