Weekly Fixtures Report

Year 4 Hockey vs Notting Hill Prep

Last week, the year 4 girls played hockey against NHP at Linford Christie. The girls were split over two pitches and played both teams in three 10 minute thirds. On pitch one the team got off to a good start taking the first centre pass. The girls focused on staying in their positions on the pitch. On pitch two the team were primarily focusing on their use of dribbling after receiving the ball, in order to maintain possession of the ball and gain ground on the opposition. The girls all gave 100% effort to this tactic and all said after the game they felt incredibly proud of their dribbling skills and control. Another focus for this team was the put more pressure on the opposition by approaching them for a tackle before they get a chance to get near the D. Putting pressure on the opposition gives us more opportunity to intercept their passes and clear the ball from our goal area.

Player of the match on pitch 2 was Freya for her incredible stamina within her centre midfield position. Freya managed to cover the entire pitch chasing the opposition to win back the ball and accurately passing it back to the Chepstow players. Freya also used her initiative to hang around just outside the D when our team was shooting to retrieve any loose balls that were heading away from the D, returning them to our strikers. Emma showed ample amounts of controlled dribbling and some very close misses shooting at goal which she was extremely proud of. The team managed to score a goal in the final third of the match and finished the game feeling very positive and proud of themselves and each other.

Year 4 Rugby vs Notting Hill Prep 

The ‘A’ team were again impressive in a 35-35 draw against an evenly matched NHP team. Once again, Salah was instrumental in attack and Tristan in defence, Konstantin made some rapid run through the NHP defence and pocketed one try. The ‘B’ team played their usual attacking style of rugby. Sofian showed his consistency in the tackle, along with Ralph, Frederik bagged 3 tries in another entertaining game from Mr Wilkinson’s men. They came out 65-40 winners. The ‘C’ team played in another enthralling game, the score finished 50-45 to NHP but lots of positives were taken from the game.

‘A’ team player of the match – Konstantin

‘B’ team player of the match – Frederik

‘C’ team player of the match – Michael H

Year 5 Rugby vs Falcons

The ‘A’ team started brightly, Henry attacking and defending brilliantly, he made some strong tackles. Mati dominated the breakdowns/rucks and Chepstow were playing nicely. Chepstow missed the odd tackle which opened the door for Falcons to run into, they created several openings in the first half. In the second half, Oliver made some excellent runs, backed up by Tristan. The tries were shared around in a good team performance, the score ended 40-35 to falcons in a very tight encounter. The ‘B’ team played excellently in their first fixture of the season, Sachin bagging a try, along with everyone else contributing to a 65-45 winning scoreline. Otto (year 4) was sublime in attack and defence, showing great promise. Mr Wilkinson was impressed with the ability to work as a team, along with the awareness to be quick to effect the breakdown.

‘A’ team player of the match – Henry

‘B’ team player of the match – Otto

Year 6 Hockey vs Notting Hill Prep

On Monday, the year 6 girls played against NHP at Linford Christie, despite the cold weather the team were all in high spirits with plenty of energy. The team were focusing on accurate passing towards goal and putting pressure on the opposition. The girls were fast paced working up and down the pitch using strong, long passes to gain ground on NHP. The opposition had a few shots at goal in the first two thirds of the game which were greatly defended by Sophia as sweeper and Grace as goalkeeper. The team worked well together and didn’t give up or lower the energy levels for the duration of the game, the team were just defeated by the opposition in the final third of the game, but should still be incredibly proud of their efforts and team work.

On pitch two the year 6 girls were also helped out by a selection of year 5 girls for the afternoon. The team were focusing on dribbling with the ball through spaces in order to gain ground before passing to avoid a tackle. With plenty of opportunities to shoot for goal the team managed to score a whopping 8 goals throughout the game!

Year 6 Rugby vs Notting Hill Prep

The year 6 boys dominated the game against Notting Hill Prep. Jago showed his class with some excellent well timed tackles and some domineering runs through the NHP defence. Gyula tackled nicely and Josh was again very consistent at the breakdowns. A brilliant 64-5 win by Chepstow House School.

Player of the match – Jago