Weekly Fixtures Report

During the Spring term the children will be focusing on a variety of new sports. Key stage 1 will be working hard on their tag rugby, hockey and dance skills, along with year 2 commencing their weekly swimming lessons. Year 3 will be doing six weeks of tag rugby, followed by six weeks of hockey.

Year 4, 5, 6 boys will move onto contact rugby and the girls will focus on their hockey skills. The year 4 boys will get there first taste of contact rugby, Mr Wilkinson and Mr Collins are thoroughly looking forward to welcoming year 4 into contact rugby! Be strong and be brave boys! Years 3, 5 and 7 will continue to work hard on their swimming skills until February half term.

Year 3 Tag Rugby Tournament

All the year 3 boys traveled to Linford Christie to take part in a round robin tournament between their peers. The boys were split up into 4 teams, each team had a team name, Sabres, Knights, Daredevils and Warriors. The idea of the tournament was to provide the boys with experience in tag rugby, as well as learning all the rules, along with having fun and enjoying themselves with their friends. All teams showed some good play, everyone played an active part in the matches and enjoyment was high. This was a very beneficial experience for all the year 3 boys. Roll on the first fixtures!

1st – Warriors

2nd – Knights

3rd – Sabres

4th – Daredevils