Weekly Fixtures Report

Year 3-6 Swimming Gala vs Notting Hill Prep

19 swimmers across years 3-6 traveled to Kensington Leisure Centre to participate in a gala against Notting Hill Prep. Children had the chance to win most of the strokes and swim in several relays. Chepstow excelled during the relay events, showing fantastic cohesion and team work skills within each year group. Chepstow came out 54 points winners over NHP (CHS – 254 and NHP – 200). This brings our first term of swimming to an end. We have showed immense improvement throughout the term, with some really positive results.

Year 4 Football vs Thomas’ Kensington

All the year 4 boys traveled to the University of Westminster on a crisp autumn day. The boys were in high spirits which resulted in some fantastic successes! The children were split into four mixed teams and played short 10 minute games in a rotation format. The team work skills and good natured spirit that the boys showed was evident to see, paving the way for an afternoon of successful results.

‘Team 1’ player of the match – Axl

‘Team 2’ player of the match – Matthieu

‘Team 3’ player of the match – Elliot

‘Team 4’ player of the match – Otto

Year 4 Netball vs Latymer

As the netball season comes to an end we had our final Chepstow fixture of the term vs Latymer. The girls were incredibly excited and very determined to win the match to end the year on a high! The year 4 girls were split into a pink team and a blue team, with both teams playing seven minute quarters.

The blue team were playing on pitch two and took the first center pass. The team have been discussing finding spaces away from defenders and as a result of this the team gave each other plenty of opportunities and options of where to pass the ball. The girls have been working on line formation during sports lessons and training which they implemented during the game, getting the ball the quickest way to goal. The players all knew where they had to slot in the line in order to work as a team and get the ball towards goal. After only a few minutes the first goal was scored by Ellie (GA) then during the second half of the game was followed by a second goal from Siddiqa (GS). The team worked incredibly well together and were very positive and motivated throughout giving them a fantastic final score of 2-0. The team have played brilliantly together this term and were ecstatic to finish the season on a win!

On the pink team the match began with a center pass from Latymer but the Chepstow girls soon intercepted the ball and made the most out of our ‘line formation’ drill that we have been working on in squad and lessons. This got the ball straight into our attacking end and gave the girls an opportunity to shoot, Arianna got the first goal in for Chepstow which made the girls even more motivated to win. During half time we discussed the need to make bigger passes down the court in order to ensure Latymer could not keep up with us. Following on from this during the next two quarters the Chepstow girls improved with each minute, getting faster and more accurate. It allowed us to have more shots at goal and between Julia (GS) and Arianna (GA) Chepstow secured four goals giving us a 4-1 win! Antonia (WA) was chosen by Latymer as player of the match which was very well deserved for her incredible interception and amazing leaps into the air to win Chepstow the ball. Freya (C) and Izzy (WD) really worked hard to constantly find a space to receive the ball in and played a vital part marking their players to stop Latymer getting the ball into their attacking third. Nikole (GD) and Grace (GK) had their work cut out for them as Latymer had several shots at goal throughout the game but due to their brilliant defending they ensured Chepstow got the win. Bring on hockey season!

Year 5 Football vs Thomas’ Kensington

This week the year 5 boys headed to University of Westminster pitches to take on Thomas’ Kensington in two football fixtures. The ‘A’ team rounded off a fantastic football season with an excellent 3-1 win over strong opposition. Ollie bagged two and Tommy one in a great team performance, Nico again made some fine saves in goal to deny the opposition. The ‘B’ team battled well in a hard fought 2-0 win, Graydon dominated in midfield and Henry played his best football of the year in another brilliant victory. Charlie scored with a brilliant strike from just inside his half and Henry netted to secure a fantastic win.

‘A’ team player of the match – Jaspar

‘B’ team player of the match – Henry

Year 5 Football vs Latymer

In typical British weather fashion, it was raining, grey and bleak when the year 5 boys traveled down to the University of Westminster playing fields to take on rivals, Latymer, in two competitive football fixtures. The ‘A’ team played a fantastic, evenly matched game, resulting in a 0-0 draw. Tommy lead the team well, focusing on pressurising the opposition and creating chances, for striker Tristan. It was unanimously agreed that Nico was Player of the Match, after his incredible seven saves!

On a big pitch, the ‘B’ team worked extremely hard throughout the game. It proved a very close contest in the first half, with Latymer taking the lead before Graydon equalised just before half time to make it 1-1. The second half followed a similar pattern with Latymer scoring first and Victor scored a great goal to make it 2-2. Latymer attacked extremely well and scored with a few minutes to go and with Chepstow pushing forward to find another goal, left spaces at the back which Latymer made the most of to score a fourth goal. Latymer 4-2 Chepstow House.

‘A’ team player of the match – Nico

‘B’ team player of the match – Graydon

Year 6 Football vs Thomas’ Kensington

On a wet, miserable and dark December day. All the year 6 boys traveled to Chiswick to play in their toughest fixture of the year against two strong Thomas’ Kensington teams. The ‘A’ played in a very competitive fixture, coming out of the game with a well-earned draw. Leo working hard in attack, closing down the ball well and dribbling quickly at the defenders. Josh made some fine saves in goal, Jago and Alexander N competed well in a physical game. The boys should be extremely proud of their efforts, the game was highly competitive against an extremely good team, well done the ‘A’ team. The ‘B’ team found things hard going throughout the first half, gaps in defence, coupled with a lack of work rate/pressure allowed Thomas’ to exploit the gaps, which led to a very dominant first half. After a few stern words from Mr Collins, the boys started to play better, closing down the ball well, tracking attackers and staying in position. Gyula demonstrated a good sense of work rate, commitment and determination throughout the game, him and Mikhaeel combined well. The ‘B’ team came out on the wrong side of a 10-0 loss. This brings the football season to a close for the year 6 boys, a very positive season, cumulating in some very positive results.

‘A’ team player of the match – Leo

‘B’ team player of the match – Gyula