Weekly Fixtures Report

Year 2 Netball vs Knightsbridge

The year 2 girls had their first netball match against Knightsbridge, we hosted it at Chepstow and despite the rainy weather the girls were exceptionally excited to have been chosen to play in the fixture.

On pitch 1 the game got off to a fast start, it gave the children the opportunity to demonstrate their decision making skills and knowledge of the rules. The girls were able to find spaces to get the ball straight to Tara and Bella playing in GA and GS who then worked together to keep possession of the ball and keep shooting until they scored. At half time it was 1-0 to Chepstow. After a team talk where we discussed ensuring we were marking our players at all times when Knightsbridge were in possession of the ball the game began. Chepstow really took on the advice from the team talk and within the 8 minute half 4 more goals were scored with the majority of the game played in the Chepstow attacking end! The final score was 5-0 to Chepstow, a fantastic win for the girls who should all be very proud of themselves.

On pitch 2 the team decided to let Knightsbridge have the first centre pass as the visiting opposition, despite this our team managed to intercept the pass and win the ball back for Chepstow. The team worked brilliantly together, focussing on accurate passing to get the ball towards our goal. The girls demonstrated some fantastic uses of chest passing, over-head passing, dodging and pivots that they have been learning in sports lessons. As a result of this the girls dominated the game and finished with a 1-0 win with a fantastic goal scored by Stella. The team were incredibly proud of themselves and each other and are looking forward to developing their skills and knowledge of the game for future fixtures.

Year 3 Football vs Latymer

On a cold, wet and miserable day, all the year 3 boys traveled with great excitement to University of Westminster playing field to take on Latymer in a host of football fixtures. The ‘A’ team played inconsistently in a 4-3 loss, ‘B’ team were 4-0 winners, Sam N bagging a hat-trick. The ‘C’ team came out strong 3-0 winners, ‘D’ team played in a enthralling game against an evenly matches team, however coming out on the wrong side of a 3-1 loss. The ‘E’ team played beautifully to win 4-0.

‘A’ team player of the match – Matthieu

‘B’ team player of the match – Maks

‘C’ team player of the match – Gabriel D

‘D’ team player of the match – Christopher W

‘E’ team player of the match – Izzy

Year 5 Football vs St James

The year 5 boys traveled to Barn Elms to take on St James’ in two competitive fixtures. The ‘A’ team played beautifully in a 3-0 win. Oliver excelled in his midfield role and Tommy used his pace to attack the defenders. Tristan bagged two goals in another hard working display from the young man and Mati worked tirelessly to stunt the St James’ attacks. The ‘B’ team enjoyed another triumph in a 3-2 win, Graydon shone and bagged two goals along with an astute defensive display from Konstantin and Tristan (both year 4). An enjoyable afternoon and two wins!

‘A’ team player of the match – Oliver

‘B’ team player of the match – Graydon