Weekly Fixtures Report

Year 3 and 4 Football vs Notting Hill Prep

Due to the Knightsbridge football tournament being cancelled, because of inclement weather, eight year 4 and six year 3 children hopped on a coach to Linford Christie to participate in two football fixtures against NHP. The year 4 team played brilliantly in an evenly matched game. Chepstow played well on the counter attack, Salah and Seb showed blistering pace. Otto worked his socks off in midfield and Charlie and Tarun were the ever reliable ‘Chepstow House Wall’ in defence to snuff out any NHP attacks. Victor, Seb and Salah scored goals to secure a very well deserved 3-1 win. The year 3 team continued their fantastic football season with a 6-0 win over NHP, every single child contributing to a fantastic team win.

Year 4 team player of the match – Otto

Year 3 team player of the match – Matthieu

Year 3 Netball vs Norland Place

A very rainy and cold Tuesday 20th November made for a challenging year 3 netball fixture against Norland Place. The fixture was held at Avondale Park and the 15 year 3 girls who made up the two Chepstow teams walked to the match trying to stay warm and dry. After a quick warm up, the blue team began playing their first 7 minutes whilst the pink team practised their passes with Miss Norman. The game began with a Chepstow centre pass and the girls did a fantastic job of remembering where they were allowed on the court, alongside all the other netball rules they have been learning in lessons! After 7 minutes the pink team swapped with the blue team and played the same Norland Place team. Once again the girl’s netball knowledge was evident and they really worked together as a team. Both the blue team and pink team played Norland Places A and B team. Chepstow came away with 1 win and 1 loss with 2 goals scored in the final quarter by player of the match Nefeli.