Year 2 Trip to the Tower of London

On Friday year 2 had a fantastic day out at the Tower of London. Even though it was a bit grey, it didn’t stop the children from exploring every nook and cranny of the Tower! They had a brilliant session with Guy Fawkes where they learnt all about the Gunpowder Plot in great detail. Turning into conspirators themselves, the children took on the various roles of the plotters and acted out the story with great enthusiasm. After that, they went into the Jewel House to see the shining crown jewels, as well as seeing the guards on parade and learning more about their uniforms and routines. Having explored this, the children learnt about the previous use of the Tower of London (a zoo!), as well as looking in the Fusiliers Museum where they saw a range of military equipment, weaponry and uniforms from various time periods. Then it was off to the armoury in the White Tower to find out how soldiers and horses protected themselves during battle. It was a quiet coach journey back as the children reflected on all the things they had seen. A fantastic day out enjoyed by all!