Weekly Fixtures Report

Swimming Gala vs WCCS

18 swimmers across year 3-6 traveled to Queen Mother to take on WCCS in a swimming gala that was made up of 24 races. This was another vital experience for all the swimmers, every single child was a credit to the school and this experience will stand each child in good stead for future galas. Chepstow excelled both in the individual and relay races.

Individual races

WCCC – 64 points

CHS – 68 points

Relay races

WCCS – 23 points

CHS – 38 points


WCCS – 87 points

CHS – 106 points


Year 4 Football vs Arnold House

All the year 4 boys and selected year 3s traveled to Canon’s Park to participate in a mini football tournament against Arnold House, St Anthony’s and Devonshire School. This was a great experience for all the boys, they played in three 10 minute matches. The ‘A’ team found things tough against three very organised and competitive schools. The boys worked hard throughout and pressured the opposition well, Salar played consistently throughout the games, however Chepstow lost all three games. The ‘B’ team fared better, Kaya played brilliantly offensively and defensively, Chepstow came out with a draw and two losses from three games played. The year 3s and a mixture of year 4s played excellently and remained undefeated in all three games. Chepstow played some wonderful football, Anton and Max played solidly at the heart of defence, along with Elliot and Ege. Massimo bagged three goals across all the games to cap off a fine day. The ‘D’ team showed promise across the three games, Gustav bagging a goal and Rohan excelling throughout, however the ‘D’ team came away with three losses.

‘A’ team player of the match – Salar

‘B’ team player of the match – Kaya

‘C’ team player of the match – Elliot

‘D’ team player of the match – Rohan