Year 6 Science Trip to Stowe

The Head of Science at Stowe School, Mr Tearle, generously invited Year 6 to spend the day in their beautifully equipped science block.  Upon arrival, they looked at a variety of animals, including the hamsters in “Hamster Court Palace.”  The children then undertook the “Rainbow Fizz Experiment,” which linked beautifully to our current topic of “Acids and Alkalis.”  They created their own colourful pH scale in a measuring cylinder.   The day culminated the “The Iodine Clock Challenge.”  This is a classic chemical clock demonstration experiment.  Two colourless solutions are mixed and at first there is no visible reaction. After a short time delay, the liquid suddenly turns to a shade of dark blue.  The time that it takes for the blue colour to appear varies according to the volumes of the solutions.  The children were challenged to experiment and find the best combination of volumes to produce the dark blue colour in a minute. Mr Tearle was very impressed by our Year 6 scientists, particularly Freddie and Michael with their winning time of 1 minute and 78 hundredths of a second. As if the science itself wasn’t enough, the children even got to have a delicious lunch in the beautiful hall and a wander through the world-famous gardens which are part of a National Trust site.

Thank you to Mrs Braithwaite and Stowe School for organising such a fantastic day out!