Year 2 Production

Year 2 had an amazing time in their final performance of ‘Stella the Starfish’. The story followed two children who found a lost starfish in their home aquarium. They made it their mission to return Stella the starfish to her family in the sea. Along the way they met many different singing, sea creatures until eventually, under an old shipwreck, they reunited Stella with her worried family.

It was lovely to see how much fun the children all had playing their parts, and it was impressive the level of confidence and expression. Every single child embraced their part, from the clownfish to the turtles, everyone had such fun with their performance. Standing on stage in front of so many people, especially under such bright lights and with such a full hall, could have been quite daunting, but year 2 took it all in their stride and didn’t let it put them off.