Creative Arts Week

What an exciting and inspirational week CHS has had. It’s been filled with glitter, paint, glue, and has generated a huge buzz amongst all the children and staff! Creation Myths Puppet Company have helped pupils from Years 2, 5 and 6 to work independently on some amazing puppets using all sorts of wonderful materials. The mythical tale they performed last night for parents, ‘Feathered Snake and the Huracan’ is a traditional Mexican tale which makes some wonderful points about what it means to be human and the ways in which we might respect nature. The performance was amazing, from dazzling hummingbird puppets to fluffy monkey puppets, it was loved by all.

Reception, Years 1, 3 and 4 all made their own special puppets with materials provided by the Company. A special mention to Mr Mike, who got involved by taking some art master classes with the younger children, and to all the parents who came in to share their creative ideas with classes. The visits have been greatly appreciated and there has been a good deal of chatter about all that has gone on. And finally, a big thank you to Mrs Williamson and Mrs Muscat for organising such a wonderful Creative Arts Week.