Exploration & Discovery Science Day

Chepstow House has been celebrating their own Science Day as part of British Science Week, based on the theme of “Exploration and Discovery.” In reception, children explored “Colour” through “Rainbow Walking,” “Fizzing Colours” and the capillary action in flowers. In KS1 the children investigated different environments, including the arctic, ocean and space. They learnt about the special properties of ice and water, compared how different shaped objects move through water and learnt how rockets launch into space. In year 3, they investigated the science archaeologists employ to explore diets of different cultures through “Poo from the Past.” Year 4 discovered electrostatic electricity and the ways in which air pressure can cause objects to move, while year 5 & 6 engaged in real life problem solving, and they had to design and build a basket that Nepalese farmers might be able to use to transport tomatoes down the mountain.